Managed Hybrid Staffing Services

Benefit from the quality, scalability and cost-efficiency of offshoring while retaining in-house revenue cycle.

Flexible Hybrid Solutions: Empowering Multisite Healthcare Organizations with SCALE RCM's Managed Hybrid Staffing Services

For some organizations, the binary options of 100% in-house or 100% outsourced revenue cycle management are not satisfactory. SCALE RCM offers a flexible managed staffing service that empowers multisite healthcare organizations to build hybrid in-house and outsourced offshore RCM teams.

Key Benefits of Our Managed Hybrid Staffing Solutions

Retain in-house

Clients retain their management leadership and internal teams, building a dynamic “hybrid” organizational structure.


Materially reduce cost-to-collect by accessing offshore team resources. Clients can often realize a 50+% cost reduction.

Rapid & easy

Get started with a pilot test of as little as 1-5 FTEs. The initial pilot can be across one, several or all revenue cycle functions. Expand deployment iteratively as the pilot demonstrates success.

Highly scalable
talent pool

Access a pool of highly trained talent to facilitate reliable scalability to meet organizational growth demands.

Quality Control

Our teams are deployed with managerial and quality oversight to ensure strong performance and high-quality service.

Transparent Performance Reporting

Our teams provide high levels of performance transparency through on-going reporting.

The Hybrid Service Experience with SCALE RCM

With our hybrid staffing services, getting started is quick & easy.

Planning & Go-Live

Quality & Reporting


Our Process

The Managed Hybrid Service Experience with SCALE RCM

With our managed hybrid staffing services, getting started is quick & easy.
1. Planning & Go-Live

Example 1: Increasing Client Ramp-Up Profit 

Example 2: Plateaued Client Ramp-Up Profit

Leverage the SCALE Healthcare Offshore Center’s Comprehensive Suite of RCM Staffing Services

Charge Entry

Payment Posting


Denials Management

Eligibility Verification

Prior Authorization



Call Center

Illustrative Cost Savings Over Time with SCALE Offshore FTEs

Our illustrative cost savings calculator shows the potential savings over time with SCALE Offshore FTEs. The pace and target level of transition are entirely customizable to meet your unique needs. Clients can choose to accelerate or decelerate the transition process, and complete it at any of the designated milestones, ensuring flexibility and alignment with their operational goals.

The following illustrative analysis assumes a current state of an FTE onshore RCM team:

Typical Initial Trial Near-Term (i.e., 60-90 days) Mid-Term (i.e., 6 months) Long-Term Potential (i.e., 12-24 months)
SCALE Offshore FTEs
% of Total 6% 25% 50% 90%
Est. Savings Per FTE Per Year $40,000 $40,000 $40,000 $40,000
Total Potential Recurring Annual Savings $200,000 $800,000 $1,600,000 $2,880,000


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