Our RCM analytics solutions bring simplicity & transparency to holistic RCM performance. Empower executive leadership & RCM teams with actionable, user-friendly analytics on what matters most in your RCM performance.




Where profound
RCM expertise intersects
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Experience the power of data-driven insights with our RCM data analytics services. Gain a deeper understanding of your revenue cycle performance, optimize workflows, and unlock opportunities for financial growth and operational efficiency. Harness the synergy of advanced analytics tools and expert guidance to drive informed decision-making and achieve your strategic objectives with precision.

An analytics platform driven by cutting-edge technology and unparalleled RCM expertise.

Best-in-Class Intelligence:

Gain access to the same real-time business intelligence tools that SCALE’s leading national RCM consulting & services platform uses to assess & oversee performance.

Bring integrated, enterprise-wide transparency to RCM performance oversight on behalf of CEOs, CFOs and RCM department leadership.

Integrates seamlessly with your existing billing systems.

Improve RCM performance, collections and cost-to-collect with intelligent, user-friendly analytics on:

  • Claim Submission Efficiency
  • Claim Adjustments & Bad Debt Write-Offs
  • Collection Rates
  • A/R & Credit Balances
  • Denials
  • Performance trending, location-level reporting, and extensive performance drill-down functionality
  • Other key RCM performance driver and outcomes

The market is filled with expensive & suboptimal data analytics solutions.  SCALE RCM Analytics strives to represent a breath of fresh air – achieve all of the above without breaking the bank. 

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