RCM Consulting

Our RCM Consulting Services are trusted by leading national healthcare organizations and their executives and investors to address a broad range of complex and bespoke RCM opportunities & challenges.

100+ RCM Consulting Engagements Across Leading
Healthcare Organizations

We bring a systematic approach to evaluating holistic RCM performance and defining performance improvement strategies that are best aligned with your organizations current state performance, size & sophistication. 

Beyond diagnostic assessments, SCALE RCM is positioned to partner with your RCM leadership to execute and realize all facets of defined performance improvement roadmaps.

Our uniquely holistic RCM optimization strategy empowers organizations to:

Reliably scale & modernize the end-to-end RCM lifecycle operations
Improve performance outcomes
Reduce cost-to-collect
Effectively Leverage Process Automation & AI Technologies
Integrate RCM systems & departments

Work with our RCM Consulting team to achieve your priority RCM objectives with our comprehensive suite of services .

Organizational Structure Optimization

  • Department Leadership Talent Search
  • Interim Leadership
  • Organizational Structure Design
  • Offshoring Strategy Development

Performance Improvement

  • RCM
  • Fee Schedule Analysis & Optimization
  • Coding & Clinical Documentation
  • Call Center
  • Payer Strategy & Contracting
  • KPI Analytics & Benchmarking

Cost-to-Collect Optimization

  • Offshoring Strategy Development
  • Organizational Structure Design
  • Process Automation & AI
  • Advanced Analytics

Digital Transformation

  • Data Analytics
  • Process Automation & AI
  • Systems Conversion

Due Diligence

  • Performance Assessment
  • Cost-to-Collect Assessment
  • Compliance Assessment
  • Payer Contract Assessment
  • Integration & Synergies Assessment

Post-Close Integration

  • Merger Integration Planning
  • Systems Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Workflow Mapping & Harmonization
  • Cost Synergies Assessment & Realization

RCM Consulting Case Study

Client Profile

RCM Consulting – Primary Care

SCALE was engaged by a client in the primary care specialty to improve their Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) performance. Through collaboration and data-driven changes, SCALE assessed and made recommendations for policy updates, procedure enhancements, workflow implementation, and the development of industry-standard KPIs. The results included increased accuracy in coding, reduced claim lag time, improved denials management, and decreased outstanding debt.