Revolutionize Your RCM with SCALE Analytics

Emphasize the cutting-edge, easy-to-deploy solution for multisite healthcare organizations, underlining transparency and control in financial management.

Representative Case Studies

Developed data warehouse and architecture allowing seamless reporting between Athena, eCW and Sage Intact, Reports included:

  • Daily Appointment reports
  • P&L by physician
  • Physician specific scorecards
  • Care Center/Facility scorecards
  • Power BI Suite of reports
  • Power BI Mobile reports

Work with SCALE Data Analytics to

Consolidate Data Easily From Disparate Systems

Gain Important Insights From Large Datasets

Gain A Strategic View Of The Business

SCALE RCM Analytics brings simplicity & transparency to end-to-end RCM performance oversight & improvement.  Your organization can now tap into an intelligent, intuitive and easy to deploy RCM management solution that is informed by SCALE RCM’s deep multisite healthcare RCM consulting & services experience.

Integrated AI:

SCALE RCM’s Integrated AI leverages real-time data and harnesses the power of various AI technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, and generative AI. This innovative approach aims to enhance automation, boost productivity, and significantly improve patient satisfaction.

The SCALE RCM Platform enhances reimbursement and boosts efficiency through data and analytics. It harnesses data from a majority of the top health systems and accesses hundreds of millions of patient records annually across the nation.

Integrates seamlessly with your existing billing systems.

Improve RCM performance, collections and cost-to-collect with intelligent, user-friendly analytics on:

  • Claim Submission Efficiency
  • Claim Adjustments & Bad Debt Write-Offs
  • Collection Rates
  • A/R & Credit Balances
  • Denials
  • Performance trending, location-level reporting, and extensive performance drill-down functionality
  • Other key RCM performance driver and outcomes

The market is filled with expensive & suboptimal data analytics solutions.  SCALE RCM Analytics strives to represent a breath of fresh air – achieve all of the above without breaking the bank.  Pricing starts as low as $750 / month.

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