Fully Managed vs Staff Augmentation Services

Which one is right for you?

Each option has benefits that cater to different needs and preferences, allowing clients to choose the option that best aligns with their strategic objectives and operational requirements.

Fully Managed Services

SCALE RCM will manage and take full responsibility for all RCM functions.


By entrusting us with full control of the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) business, clients can leverage our specialized expertise. We bring in-depth knowledge and experience to handle all functions efficiently.

Outsourcing RCM functions can often result in cost savings for clients. They eliminate the need to hire and train in-house staff, manage infrastructure, and invest in technology. Our streamlined processes can optimize expenses.

With us managing RCM, clients can redirect their focus and resources towards their core business activities. This leads to increased productivity and competitiveness in their industry.

SCALE RCM brings a systematic, reliable and proven approach to optimizing RCM performance. Avoid the complexity and mitigate the risk associated with internal builds. Benefit from tapping into the program SCALE RCM has meticulously developed over decades of experience, including holistic and robust RCM team & infrastructure supported by best-in-class RCM leadership, teams, data analytics, process automation and compliance.

Staff Augmentation Services

SCALE RCM will provide quality, cost-effective resources, but you keep your team.


With staff augmentation, clients retain full control over their RCM operations. They can direct and manage the augmented resources according to their specific needs, priorities, and internal processes.

Pay for only the team resources you need. Benefit from high quality, cost efficient staffing solutions. SCALE’s MSO Offshore Center is fully integrated into SCALE RCM’s holistic operations and performance, quality and training program.
Leverage an abundant source of talent to rapidly scale your RCM department with reliable resources and meet the needs of your expanding footprint.

Augmented resources seamlessly integrate with the client’s existing teams. This fosters collaboration, knowledge transfer, and alignment with the organization’s culture and goals.